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How to Set Up A Spinning Reel | Given By Experts

Fishing hobby with a spinning reel is a popular tackle day by day for every angular. If you want to spend your leisure period fishing. Spinning reels will be the best tool for you. Many people feel the complexity of setting up a spinning reel and also think that it was a tedious and arduous process. Actually, it’s not like that if you know the proper way to set up a spinning reel you will be able to do this easily.

First of all, you should arrange all the basic materials that generally need an angler like one kind of reels, enough line, scissors, fishing rod, lures etc. Maybe you are familiar with their maximum materials but when you decide to choose the spinning reel you will become confused. Because nowadays there are different types of fishing reels with different benefits and different usages.

This content is for you to give complete instruction on how to set up a spinning reel in an efficient way. Also show you, all the things that throughout to know about your spinning rod and reel.

Why Should You Buy a Spinning Reel?

The most popular spinning reels are baitcasting reels, spincast reels, spinning reels, surf fishing reels, fly fishing reels, offshore reels, etc. You can buy this instrument near any shop and market. What one you should buy, depends upon your fishing point and what types of fish you want to catch, the lasting durability of it, and how much you want to pay for it.

Here we try to decrease your confusion informing about popular and most commonly used fishing reels as well as spinning reels. It’s carryout some extra benefits comparatively other reels for that you can choose it. For example:

  • Spinning reels have versatile uses. If you want to fishing for bass on the lake or target tarpon along on the beach it is for you, you can buy it without any confusion.
  • The setup of spinning reel is comparatively easier and straightforward than baitcast or other reels.
  • The learning method of Catching fish by using spinning reels is comparatively easier than other reels.
  • For beginners, the tackle of spinning reels can cast easily lighter lures.
  • Adjusting the procedures of the drag knob easier than others, helps you adjust your drag knob back and front on both sides when you fight with a fish.
  • The other advantage of a spinning reel is that it doesn’t get tangled frequently and easy to maintain.
  • Less weight and easy to bear.
  • During the casting you can use your two hands so that an angler will cast as perfectly as he wants.

Familiarized with Essential Parts of Spinning Reels

Before knowing how to set up a spinning reel you should know the important part of it. Because if you can’t recognize the part, you can’t understand the procedures of how to use the spinning reel and many problems will arise to set up the spinning reel. Here we have given below the basic knowledge about the parts of spinning reels with a picture:

Essential parts of Spinning Reels
  • Reel Foot: The reel foot is the part that has to connect steadily with the reel to the rod. Using the reel foot you can rapidly and unwaveringly attach the fishing reel with the fishing rod.
  • Reel Handle: Handle mainly used for returning the line back by the hand after the cast rotated, make sure that your handle is smooth and comfortable to touch. The maximum handle can manage by right or left hand. It depends where it perfectly matches the sockets of the reel body.
  • Reel Body: Reel bodies are very in their size and shape and also the coverage materials. Generally, bodies are made of plastic, graphite, or even aluminum. The body consists of all the important little pieces that ensure the reel to do work properly.
  • Anti Reverse Switch:
  • Through controlling the gears, it is work for locks or releases the rotation of the reel. To control the gears, it moves in or both directions.
  • Bail: The bail is a wire of half moon shape which is responsible for keeping the spool fixed or loose. The purpose of the bail is casting a trigger. For casting your bait, obviously, you need to open or activate the bail for the line to spool properly.
  • Line Spool: A spool is the part of a spinning reel where the fishing line can be wrapped without any twist & tangles. There are different line capacities in different spools. Larger line capacities are needed to cast far or pull heavy fish. Each spool contains instructions about the capacity of the spool.
  • Drag Adjustment Knob: In the case of spinning reel drag adjustment is in a circular shape and situated in front of the fishing line or behind. Many spinning reels have both sides so that users can use them conveniently. It’s in the 20 to 30 percent range where 20 percent of line strength should be used as the actual drag.
  • Line Roller: It is fixed at the end of the bail wire, the line roller is the surface above which the line transits as well as reel in line. You can easily check a toothpick squeezed against the roller to see it rotated or not.

Step by Step Guideline of How to Set Up A Spinning Reel

We are given here a step by step guideline for how to set up a spinning reel so that you can easily capture the setup of spinning reels.

Step-1: Attached the Reel to the Rod.

After gathering all the necessary tools, firstly you have to attach your reel to the rod by fixing the reel foot nicely and tightly.

Step-2: Spool the Reel.

Now you should know how to spool a spinning reel because spool the line on the reel is essential to fishing. In this step maximum, starters face complexity and difficulties. Here we try simply to demonstrate this step:

  • Open the bail.
  • After that make a knot tightly on the top of the line.
  • Extra lines should be cut after the knot.
  • Place the line with the top knot around the reel and make another knot rest the previous knot.
  • Drag the line so that it attaches the knot with the previous knot.
  • Close the bail.
  • Now you can use a towel to hold the line tightly with the rod so that you can spool the line without any tangles.
  • Turn the handle until a sufficient number of lines is put.

[Note: What number of lines you should spool, it mainly depends on what kind of reel you have. Maximum reels have a line cap which is marked on their side.]

Step-3: Connect the line with the Rod.

  • Hold the top of the line.
  • At the time, open the bail arm.
  • Now drag the line to fix it each of the rod guides from bottom to top.

Step-4: Tie the Knot.

  • Cross the line through the eye of the hook and create a nice section folding it down on itself.
  • Form a short loop on the end of the line.
  • Wrap the shank and the line down toward the eye of the hook here 6 to 8 turns are good.
  • The rest of the ending line feeds back through that loop.
  • Now just pull the tag and this standing part after you have level-up the line pulling it tightly.
  • Cut the rest of the line.

Step-5: Set the drag Knob.

The main purpose of the drag knob is to control the spool when the line is dragged.

  • If you turn the knob on the left side it leads the spool to become loose and you can easily release the line if you need.
  • On the other hand, turning the knob on the right side leads the spool to become tight and the line can’t easily release.
  • After casting the bait if the knob stays on the right side resulting that your spool will be tight. It causes many problems like your fish can be missed out and your line may be cut down. Because it determines the situation of your tension.
  • So set the tension in such a way, you can release the line at any time when needed.

Step-6: Cast the Bail.

  • When you hang the line from the top of the rod, it should be kept one and one-half feet.
  • After that set the rod from the reel a few inches above so that both can stay in parallel situations.
  • Now open the bail and hold the base of the rod from your shoulder.
  • Slop the rod backward nearly 60°.
  • Now quickly throw it according to your target. At this point, you should obviously release your line so that you can reach the top of your cast.

Step-7: Reel in the Line.

  • Now you can close the bail.
  • Retrieve the line.
  • So that you can place the line in the line roller.
  • Turn the line reel handle.

Better information tells us a lot about how to spool a spinning reel with fishing. And you can visit the best fishing reel article also.


I hope that by reading this content you will be able to understand how to set up a spinning reel as well as all the relevant information. Today although we have different types of reel capacity, various types of hooks and their tie knot method, different types of casting methods. Here we try to simply inform general types or procedures and basic setup. Besides this, we try to demonstrate the basic part of spinning reels and why you buy with its benefits.

Hopefully, this information will be a guideline to become a skilled angler and enrich your knowledge about fishing.

This Step by step guideline also helps you to easily set up a spinning reel and you will feel the real interest in fishing.

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How to Set Up A Spinning Reel | Given By Experts
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