how to set up spinning rod for lake fishing

How to Set Up Fishing Rod for Lake Fishing | Beginner Tips & Tricks

People enjoy lake fishing to spend their leisure period and catch a variety of fishes. Even some professional anglers accomplished their fishing trip not only for their hobbies but also as a sport. They feel pleasure and pride to find the ideal fish so that they can show their colleagues. There are many places where you can make your fishing trip like the sea, river, lake, canals, etc. If you are a beginner you may face many problems fixing your instruments. We are here to give you a complete explanation so that you can know how to set up fishing rod for lake fishing.

You can choose lake fishing because the lake or pond almost has nearly all in the area and you can go there easily in your free time. Besides this, in lake fishing investments money is always comparatively lower than others.

Usually, lakes are two types, one is manmade and another one is natural. Both are suitable for fishing. For lake fishing you need basic instruments and also you have to know the proper procedures for how to use them.

Firstly you should arrange all the materials that you need after that set up your rod before setting out on a fishing trip.

In this article, you will find different types of setup that are demonstrated here subsequently. You can follow this statement to make a good fishing trip and catch the best one that you want.

What Tackle You’ll Need?

Before making your outdoor adventure you have to bring a few essentials that you’ll need and prepare them all for set up. You can find them all at your local tackle shop or at any sporting goods store.

Fishing Rod & Reel:

 If you don’t have any fishing rod and reel you need to buy a rod & reel combo pack so that you can easily setup together. For that, you can visit the best fishing rod article.

On the other hand, if you buy them individually you may face trouble setting them together but aren’t preposterous for you.

Fishing line:

Generally, the fishing line is connected with the rod & reel otherwise you have to spool it properly in the reels.

Hooks and Weights

how to set up fishing rod for lake fishing

Next, you need some hooks and weights, you can buy a combo package like this. However, you also buy them individually.

Hook sizes between six to ten are perfect for small to medium fish. Although it mainly depends upon what types of fish you are targeting.

Weight actually clips to your line. Your weight should be lightweight enough so that it can restrain the floaters from dipping.

Bobber and Swivel

You’ll also need a plastic or crock bobber which helps you to get a signal if the fish are biting and also helps you hook and bait won’t sink the dipper.

Properly set up the fishing line you also need a swivel that connects two or three lines so you can easily adjust your line, hook, weight, bobbers as you want.


Of course, you will need the most important thing is the bait to catch a fish. There are many types of bait for fishing like insects, worms, tiny fish, shrimp, artificial baits, etc.

For lake fishing, live bait will be the best option for you because it is more attractive for fish than others.

Other Things

  • To cut your line you will need a pair of clippers.
  • You also need a pair of pliers so that you can retrieve your hook after catching the fish.
  • You can use a tackle box to put all the small things while going fishing.
  • Finally, you obviously need a fishing license according to the legislation of your local area.

How to Set Up Fishing Rod for Lake Fishing

You have all the necessary things that you need. Now you are ready for setting up the fishing rod.

There are different types of setups that you can try for your lake fishing. But which one you can select mainly depends:

  • What types of fish you want to catch.
  • Weather
  • Season &
  • The Body of water

Bottom Fishing Setup

  • When you set up the rod for bottom fishing. Water is becoming cooler than normal.
  • The temperature of the air is lower than at other times.
  • At the time of daylight.
  • In the winter season.

Following this situation fish are not active on the surface they stay at the middle or bottom layer of the lake. So catching the fish in this situation you should set your rod for bottom fishing:

 Step- 1:

  • In step one; you need to take a 3-way swivel for adding additional weight or line.
  • In the third eye you can use the weight and exchange it easily to make the line comfortable for cast.
  • In that case you need to add sufficient weight as you need.


  • In this step, you have to take a leader line so that you can connect the swivel to the hook.
  • You can take the leader line length 12 to 18 inches.


  • You can take 4 to 12 sizes of the hook for small to medium fish.
  • Now, you should set your hook with greedier bait.
  • For best results, you can use live bait worms. Because in the bottom body of the water worms live and fish like it’s more than others.


  • After that you should attach the leader line with the main line through the swivel.
  • Finally, your rods are well set and ready for a cast.
  • You can cast as you want but you have to notice that the bait wouldn’t go much deeper under the mud.

Now you will be able to catch fish at the bottom of the lake. Are you still confused about how to set up fishing rod for lake fishing? Don’t worry we can assure you that after reading the whole article you will set your rod in all ways.

Set Up The Rod For Float Fishing

Now you are ready to go and following this step will help you to set your rod for float fishing. Which fish is floating middle and top level of the lake you can catch to set your rod for float fishing. Here we give you a step by step guideline for this:


  • Firstly you have to take a floater or bobbers that’ll help you to keep the bait suspended in the middle or upper level of the lake.
  • Floaters also help you go give a signal if the fish hit your bait.
  • Set the floaters upper level of the line.


  • You can use any size of the hook between the 4 to 12.
  • Obviously, you have to notice your local legislation rules and what size they are allowed.


  • You need to weight or split shots so that you can comfortably cast where you want.
  • Now you can attach the weight of your line through the swivel.


  • Finally, you need to rig your hook with attractive bait.
  • You can use shrimp, worms, or artificial lures.

Cast and Retrieve Setup

Now we will learn another rod setup for lake fishing ‘cast and retrieved’. You can use this setup if:

  • Fish stay at the mid level of the lake and you want to catch these types of fish.
  • You don’t want your bait to go much deeper in the lake.

For this kind of setup you can follow the steps which are given below:


  • Firstly you need a bobber or floater. It helps you keep the bait in the middle section of the lake.
  • Set the floaters at the position of the line so that it can set your bait in the right section.


  • Obviously, you need a two way swivel of the metal body. That reduces tangles or twists of the line.
  • Now with the swivel, you have to connect the mainline to the leader line.


  • Now you have to set the bait. For the cast and retrieve you can use artificial lure.
  • If you used that kind of bait which imitated the movement of live bait you will get better results at catching the fish.

Tips and Tricks for Safety

Any undesired incidents may occur at any time when you go lake fishing. Along with all the things you have to follow some tips and tricks because safety is very important.

Here we give you some safety tips & tricks that can help you to prevent undesirable situations.

  • You should wear a life jacket.
  • You have to wear goggles or sunglasses.
  • A first-aid box.
  • Extra clothes and puncture resistant  gloves
  • To protect yourself from rain or ultraviolet light you should use Cap or umbrella.

You can visit how to setup fishing rod for lake fishing for batter experience

Final Thoughts

There are many setup ways that an angler can use for lake fishing. These three ways are the easiest & popular setup. If you properly follow the step of setup, you will decorate your fishing rig as a professional and also will be able to catch a big fish as you want.

However, at this moment you have to know thoroughly how to set up fishing rod for lake fishing. So you can make your fishing trip at any time to arrange all the things that are mentioned here. But one thing you should obviously notice is which setup you will use for your lake fishing.

For that, you must properly bring out the right setup to consider the situation of weather, season, the body of water & temperature of water etc.

Besides this, it is also dependent on the types of fish you want to catch.

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