How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel

How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel? | All the Secret Tips & Tricks

Putting a line on a spinning reel is not that difficult but sometimes it might get difficult depending on the reel and the line. If the reel cannot hold the full width of the line or the line is too thick for the reel then this kind of problem might appear. But don’t worry we are here to share the easiest tips and tricks that how to put line on a spinning reel. So here is How to put line on a spinning reel.

That is why we always recommend rechecking to match the line width and the reel. A spinning bobbin can be a big game-changer for you to catch fish in the river. It is always better to have an organized place for your lines and use them accordingly. There are many techniques available that are only available with the spinning reel.

The spinning spool is a very useful tool to use in fishing. You can put the right amount of lines in the water according to your need. And in terms of heavy fishing, a spinning spool is mandatory. But make sure you have appropriate lines for your spinning machine. Because the spinning reel cannot hold thick lines. Try to avoid braided lines in a spinning wheel, it won’t work well. 

Many people find this difficult to put line on a spinning reel. That is why here is our guide. There are certain techniques to put the lines into the spinning wheel. And some people put the lines in the wrong way which harms the longevity of the reels and lines both. That is why here we are about to share some step-by-step guide on how to put line on a spinning machine correctly.

So before learning the process let’s see what are equipment you need to put line on a spinning reel. Many people things there might be any additional gadgets that get used in the process but no. There is no special equipment that gets used to doing this.

Now the needed equipment list for you:

Yes, you need only these three basic things to put the line into the fishing reel. Now, let’s jump to the doing process step by step.

Step 1: Set up the reel first

After buying the reel you have to attach this to the fishing rod. It will make the process easier and organized. You will find the system how can you set up the reel to the rod with the box of the reel. Follow those steps and attach the reel with the rod.

Step 2: Take the end of the line and have a knot

After attaching the reel to the rod unveil the line and take the end of it. Knot the end of the line in the reel. And go through the first guide.

Step 3: Open the bail

The majority of the people forget this step and have to go back. People forget to open the bail before they attach the line to the spool. That is why open the bail first then attach the line to the spool.

Step 4: Attach the line to the Reel spool

The tying line is very important to the reel spool. The process is easier too. All you have to do is wrap the line with the reel spool two times and secure it with an overhead knot. Cut out the extra end and done. 

A simple pro tip here, if you have lines attached to your reel and you want to attach a new line because the previous one got worn out. Then we suggest leaving some of the previous lines in the reel. Because it will be helpful sometime. Because if you have run out of lines anytime you can attach the previous lines which you have left under the new one. It can be helpful for some time.

Step 5: Winding the line to the reel

After the bail is closed, now start turning the handle slowly and give just a few cranks. After some crank stop and see the spool is in the right direction or not.

Step 6: Check the spool orientation

There is a total of 3 possibilities the line might twist. And only one of them will be the right one. Other than the two way will be wrong and you have to go back because the line got twisted. So after few cranks, you will see the lines have got twisted or not. And this is one of the most important things to check.

There are various tricks suggested over the years to turn the twist right and it is important too. Otherwise, this twist can create resistance and eventually can get tangled. That is why no matter where the spool up to, you have to just remove the twist altogether. It is a more efficient way of doing it. It reduces the chance of future twists as well. 

Step 7: Crank the Reel 

In this step, all you have to do is crank up the reel. You have to get filled the reel with the lines. Do this part slowly until the full line gets into the reel properly. Start slowly cranking and after 3-4 yards crank up the speed.

And done. This was the process of putting a line on the spinning reel. The steps are not that difficult to do. This was the easiest part to do with putting the lines on the reel. 

So that you have learned how to put a fishing line on a spinning machine now you should also learn some tips and tricks about how can you control the spinning machine. That’s how you can make the process easier and hassle-free without any problem. Let’s get into that.

Choosing the Line

The best way to get control of the spinning wheel is by choosing the line correctly. If you have chosen the wrong lines especially thick lines for your spinning wheel then it could create a lot of problems. That is why you should always choose a line according to your spinning frame capacity. And also, because the lines get tangled sometimes if you are using thicker lines. 

That is why always try to avoid thicker fishing lines with the spinning line. Another reason for this is the shell of the reel is usually smaller on the spinning spool which is why can’t be able to hold a longer line with the spinning frame. So, make sure you have checked the reel capacity and buy lines accordingly. Then you will get a very smooth performance out of the spinning wheel.

Do Not Overfill

By doing the same mistake we sometimes buy the bigger lines for our spinning reel and when we load the reel with the line, we overfill it. Or sometimes we buy the same capacity but because of the thicker lines, the reel spin gets overfilled and ruins your experience. It is not problematic only for the experience it also decreases the reel life. 

Because of the reels moving part gets tighter for the overload. It gets difficult to spin for the reel. And by the time either the reel gets jammed or the lines get distressed. So, it is harmful to both. So do not overfill the spinning reel and if you see it is overloading keep some less line on the reel.

Eliminate the Twist

The number one problem of putting a line on a reel is line twisting. It causes lots of problems later. That is why try to avoid this while putting the line into the reel. For that part, there are lots of techniques available but you should just squeeze your fingers while pulling the lines. It will get the lines in shape and won’t be twisted. It will help to reduce further twists and getting tangled.

Use Hand to close the Bail

After a full cast always closes the bail by your hand. Take a knot on top of the line. That is why we have recommended learning some knots before fishing properly. A hand knot will keep the lines in the reel always. There is very little chance of losing the trace.

Do not pull against the drag

It has always been recommended that in terms of spinning reels do not pull the lines against the drag. It creates to damage the reel and also detaches the lines also. That is why it is always recommended do not to pull the lines against the drag. Wait and after the drag gets less than the spool. It will make your reel and line both long-lasting.

So here were some tips on how to put lines on a spinning machine. The speeding reel is a very well-known and most used reel in the fishing segment. They come at an affordable price point with a whole lot of functionalities. It is a very big advantage at the water having a spinning frame. Because of the spinning feature, you get a lot of advantages in the water.

It makes the fishing process easier and more fun. Now you can easily use the lines you need anytime. Also, it allows you to learn many tricks with the fishing process. There are various techniques that make the efficiency and the fishing process more fun. And the spinning reel opens up that door wide. With this reel, you can learn a lot of new techniques and make your fishing more enjoyable.

But putting lines on a spinning reel might get difficult sometimes. Especially for the beginners. If you are a beginner it is more likely you will get confused to put the lines on the reel or do any wrong step. To avoid this, we have this guide for you. In this guide, we have shared everything about how to put line on a spinning reel, everything you need. Also, some helpful tips and tricks. Which are so useful that they will make the process easier and also increase the life span of your both fishing lines and fishing frame.

Final Thoughts

So, after this guide, if you have got the knowledge about how to put line on a spinning reel but you haven’t bought your equipment yet or you need a spinning wheel then check out our article here about the best spinning reel from here. It will give you the options you can choose from with full review and pros and cons of every product. Also, a included buying guide. We hope the article will be helpful for you.

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How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel? | All the Secret Tips & Tricks
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How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel? | All the Secret Tips & Tricks
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