how to install fish finder on a kayak

How to Install Fish Finder on a Kayak | Best Tips to add to your Kayak

Fishing on a kayak is a popular thing. And to add the next step you can add a fish finder to your kayak. It will help you to find the places where the fish can be. It makes the fishing process easier. But because the kayak has very little space on it and most of the space gets used by many gears for fishing, that is why adding another gear on the kayak might get difficult sometimes. For that part, we are writing this article to guide you on how to install fish finder on a kayak.

Before starting if you still haven’t bought the kayak fish finder then you can visit our buying page to find out the best quality fish finder available in the market with a full detailed review. Now once you purchased the fish finder let’s jump to the installation part.

What is a Fish Finder?

A fish finder is a device that gets used to finding fish under the water. It uses many sensors like sonars and can detect what underneath the water is. Not only the fish it can also detect the deepness, Find reefs, drop-offs, gullies, plateaus, sand-banks, etc. There is no doubt that a fish finder can be the best device for fishing. And it is always a worthy investment. And to know more about fish finders check out this article.

How to Install Fish Finder on a Kayak?

Some kayaks nowadays are having a dedicated mount for holding the fish finding devices. They are made for fishing in mind. That is why they add more options like a fishing rod holder, additional battery compartment, etc.

But if your kayak doesn’t have any of them, don’t worry we are here to guide you on how can you install the fish finder on a kayak.

Step 1: Before Installing the Fish Finder, there are three Major Factors you should keep in Mind.

  • Where you will set the power unit (it has to be waterproof)?
  • Where you will set up the main unit?
  • Transducer setting place.

Step 2: Setting the Display

Setting the display

There must be some amount added with the fish finder box to mount the main display of the machine. If you can’t find any then you have to order some. A general camera mounting “J” bracket mount will be good enough for that.

Now find a secured place in the kayak and level one to fit the mount there. And make sure to face it on the front side of the kayak, so that you can see it from your sitting position. After installing the mount (You will find a guide with the box on how to mount it). After setting the mounting screw the monitor tightly. Try to put it straight and place it onto a plain surface.

Step 3: Fitting the Transducer

Fitting the transducer

This is the important part of the fish finder. Mainly this part sends the signal by sonar to find out the object obstacles and receive the data again. And this device should be underwater. That is why you have to mount this transducer under the kayak. There is a couple of methods to set up the transducer on the kayak and we are about to share them. This is one of the important parts of how to install fish finder on a kayak.

Scupper Mount

In every kayak, there is a space for a scupper underneath the kayak. So, you can use that hole to mount the transducer there. There are various mounts available in the market for mounting the transducer on the scupper mount. You can purchase one of them and there will be a step-by-step guide on how to mount that. Different manufacturers have a different system so follow that.

Arm Mount

This is more of a removable mount. You can just detach that anytime. This mount is a general arm mount. They usually get used for various reasons and things to get mounted. So, you can use that to mount the transducer there. By the name you can understand that it can mount like an arm that can be moved anywhere.

So, you have to find a plain surface to mount that. So usually the side of the kayak has a plain portion so mount it there and now move the hands towards the water and set the transducer. Done it will go underwater and will collect the data fine. But be careful while moving the kayak so that it doesn’t get damaged. This is the easiest and practical solution for mounting the transducer.


There is another way to mount the transducer under the kayak. Which is in the hulling process. You can fit the transducer inside the hull of the kayak. It can through a signal from the plastic too. But in terms of side-sonars, they won’t work well. That is why it cannot detect the side things of the kayak. And also, the main sonar would work 10% less.

But it is a safer option. Once you set the transducer you don’t have to worry about detaching it. It can stay there safe. And in maximum user experience, we know this sensor issue is not a big issue. It works fine from the hole. Maybe not as perfect as it would do from direct underwater. But it is good enough for a kayak to find fish.

So, let’s jump to the process. For that step, you have to make a mount artificially on the kayak. Take a stronger piece of foam and cut this as the shape of the transducer mount from the middle. Once you get the shape glue it underneath the hull. Glue it well and keep that for 24 hours. After the glue gets in you can mount your transducer system there, and it will fully work.

And after setting the transducer inside the kayak. You might be thinking what about the cable. Yeah, bring out cable from the kayak using a water sealing gland. It will protect the whole and water won’t be able to come inside the kayak.

Step 4: Power for the Fish Finder

Power for the Fish Finder

A fish finder usually needs 12V of power. For that, a medium size of SLA battery will be perfect. Though some fish finder uses more volt. But for them also this battery should work. And this battery is very well known for using this with the fish finder. Anybody needs to attach the fish finder on the kayak they mostly use this battery. Because this is lightweight, compact in size, and provides enough power for a trip. And this can give the fishfinder 10 hours of battery backup.

So, you can purchase this for around 15-20$ depending on the sale. Once you get the battery, you have to find a waterproof compartment for setting the battery. Now put the battery in a sealed bag that is waterproof. And for ultra-protection put the bag with the battery on a sealed box and take the cable connection by a sealed gland. By this, you will save the battery from getting weight accidentally. And water on the batter can damage the battery too. Now secure the box in the middle of the deck tightly. Done!

And you are good to go with using the fish finder on your kayak. No matter which system you use for setting the transducer on the kayak, they should work fine. Once you get the signal properly that will be good enough. You can choose any of the methods according to your need.

Are you looking for a Fish Finder?


Now you know how to install fish finder on a kayak. Having a fish finder set up on the kayak is a blessing. It will help you to find the fish spots and catch them from there. It saves a lot of time and effort of yours to find out the fishes. Without a fish finder, it is like catching fish blindly. So, you are done with the setup process.

Using the fish finder is very easy. By sending and receiving the transducer signal the sonar will detect the obstacles in the path and the depth too. Usually, the transducer sends signals to the underneath way and the sideway. And get the result according to that. You will find out the result on the screen. Also, make sure you have secured the monitor and the battery compartment on the top of the deck. Because the kayak doesn’t stay stable.

The fish finder will just give you a third eye to check what is underneath your kayak. You will always get an edge over everyone in fishing because of the just fish finder. They are also not super expensive. You can check out the best fish finder available in the market right now according to your budget from here. You will get the full review and a buying guide too. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to we earn from qualifying purchases, no additional cost to you. Learn more.

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