How to ice fishing

How to Ice Fishing | Tips for Beginner | Everything Need to Know

Ice fishing is the most expensive and also the most enjoyable fishing process in the world. It’s a tremendous experience to catch fish from the ice. You can catch the seasonal fishes from there. As much as enjoyable ice fishing is also expensive too. You need some special gear for that fishing.

And also, not only the safety the technique is also really important. Otherwise, your expensive gears will be useless. So, to utilize your expensive gears you must need to know the techniques of ice fishing. And if you are confused about which gears to take for ice fishing. Check out this article to know more about them and make a better choice. 

But before everything for ice fishing safety is the most important part. There are various things that are not in our favor, so having an accident is not an unfortunate thing. And also, in extreme conditions fishing gets a bit difficult. That is why safety should be the primary priority. Fishing on a layer of ice isn’t always a perfect situation. That is why having a strong layer of it is really necessary.

Safety of Catching Fish

As we said before safety should be the main concern for everyone. And by safety means you have zero chance of breaking inside the ice. nobody wants a frozen body in the freezing ice water and catch hypothermia. that is why before breaking the hole you must be sure about the layer of the ice. For that part, you can use many diameters that. A 3-4-inch layer of thick ice is mandatory for doing ice fishing and for a person to stand. Less than that layer it is dangerous.

Freezing the ice surface might be overwhelming sometimes. But to have the precaution for any incident is really important. If you have any heavier thing with you then it is recommended to at least have a 6-7-inch-thick layer of ice. For that, you will find many ice measuring devices in the market. And also, lots of ice fishing safety gear too. So, safety always should be the primary priority.

Also, it is wrong that the surface will have the same thick layer of ice all over the place. It might have a thin layer of ice in many places. So be careful about that. And take some safety gear with you always. Like ropes. harness, hammer, etc. So, after this safety precaution, the fishing process will be much more enjoyable.

Safety Gears

As we have said before, besides the layer of the ice also as a precaution carrying safety gear is also important. they will be helpful in various critical conditions to make your safety level higher. For that part here is a list of safety equipment you should carry:

  • Ice cleats
  • A whistle
  • A life vests
  • An ice spuds
  • A warm cloth

So, these are the things you should carry with you. In order to be safe in a serious condition. They might give you a safety system in serious condition. And if you are doing fishing in a thick layer of ice then again you should keep these safety gears with you.

Finding a Place for Angling

In normal fishing finding the fish is the main concern but in ice fishing finding the right place for fishing is very important. Because if you are having a hole in the thinner layer of the ice then it might be very dangerous overall. For that finding, the right place is very important. So always try to find the place where ice has the thickest layer.

And after finding the place you should do some inspection about is their possibility of having fishes. Usually, in the winter, the fish go into deeper water and for that, you always need a long fishing line. And also, in the morning and right before the sun sets in this time the fishes find food. So, this is the perfect time for catching fish.

And if you have an auger then use it for the drilling. While you drilling the space try to take few steps back from the drilling point. And the whole should not be more than 8-10 inches. It should be enough for catching winter fish. And presumably within the middle of the winter is that the perfect time for doing ice fishing.

So, there were the steps that you should take before the ice fishing process. Now, let’s jump to the main section where we will discuss how you can do ice fishing with a full step by step guide.

Jiggling with Bobber

In ice, fishing jiggling is the most common and effective technique. In many techniques, jiggling is the most commonly used method. And this process is also very efficient. The fishing rod for this fishing method does not have to be longer. Around 28 inches will be perfect for ice fishing. For that part, you also do not need a bigger line. 

You can use artificial lures to catch the fish. With this lure, you can jiggle it on the water and can get the attention of the fish. For that part, you have to be patient. But overall, this is the most effective method of ice fishing. And also, by jiggling for some time you can pull the fish with less effort.


This method gets used in other fishing too. Not only in the ice fishing. This method saves a lot of your time and effort. Here you just leave the line there and the device can detect the bite and pull up the flag over there. It gives the signal of having a fish and you come up to take the line control.

The advantage here is you do not have to have your full concentration in one place and also you can set multiple tip-ups in various holes. It increases the chance of catching more fish. For that, it saves a lot of effort, and ice fishing is the most effective method to do.


This is the hardest technique to apply. For this thing, you just need a thicker layer of ice and also a long-time experience. Accordingly, you might have to use more professional category equipment. For this method, you also have a higher level of patience. Even many states in the USA don’t even allow spearfishing.


It is the oldest method gets used in ice fishing. In the very beginning of ice fishing, this method got used. For applying this method, you need to have a natural condition in favor too. Like having the clear ice there for this is mandatory. And the method is you see a fish from the clear ice and you break the ice with your kit and grab the fish instantly. This method is also very risky. So, we recommend you to not do this.

Ice Fishing Equipment

Until now you have seen the general equipment you need for ice fishing. For that, you will need some basic necessary things for fishing. But for ice fishing, you might need some special equipment. They are:

  • Small jigging rod
  • Spring Bobber
  • Leader
  • Hooks
  • Lures
  • Jigs
  • Tip-up 

So, if you are about to pick any of this equipment then you can visit our buying list and pick any of the equipment you want. We have reviewed all the requirements for the comparison. It will help you to make a better decision. Also, there is a step-by-step buying guide. Where we have guided you about the special feature available in them. Don’t forget to check from here.

Locations for Ice Fishing

America has 30% places of ice fishing. the location for ice fishing is very important too. If you are looking for places you can go there are some well-known best places for ice fishing:

  • Lake of the Woods, MN 
  • Lake Winnebago, WI 
  • Fort Peck Lake, MT
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir, CO 
  • Lake Champlain, VT
  • Devil’s Lake, ND.
And the places of Catching outside the USA are:
  • Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
  • Tasiilaq, Greenland
  • Kathleen Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada
  • Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia 
  • The Tampere region, Finland 

So, these are the places where you can find the best spots for ice fishing. In the mid-winter, these places are the best for ice fishing. 

So that was our guide about the process. Ice fishing has become very popular around the world. For thrill enthusiasts, they will know about ice fishing. It is a very unusual fishing method. The fishing process is more fun and there is also the most chance of getting more fish. 

If you are going to do ice fishing then most likely you are an experienced angler. For that, you have the experience of doing fishing. But in ice fishing, the most important thing is safety. Being safe is the most important part of ice fishing. Fishing on ice can be risky sometimes. For that taking the proper safety, precaution is very important. 

That is why we have recommended the best gear for safety. And to buy the best gear out there check out this list. Where we have reviewed all the best products are available in the market. You will find the best quality products from that list with included comparisons for them. We have also added a full step by step buying guide for the buyers.

Are you looking Ice Fish Finder?:

There is a various method of doing ice fishing. Depending on the experience level different people use different methods. For that, they need different types of equipment too. If you are a beginner then we recommend you to go with the jiggling method. This is the easiest and effective method of doing fishing.

Ice fishing has been always been an excitement for the people. Because 60% of the time they are filled with ice and this is the perfect time for doing ice fishing. But we always recommend you to ice fishing during the winter. The middle of the winter is the perfect time for doing ice fishing. 

The methods we have to recommend are the most effective and most used methods. For the people who have never done ice fishing for them, we always recommend starting to jiggling method and for the pros, the tips method is the best. Because in the meantime they can see different-different fishing lines. It is also easier to catch fish with this method. 

Here are some tips about how can you be better at Fishing and also stay safe while doing Trolling

1. Take a Company

Even if you are an experienced fisherman then again try to bring a friend with you for any situation. And try to bring somebody who is experienced in ice fishing. For that, they can help you out in various situations. or if not then take a guide. Usually, people do ice fishing seasonally. Because of that you can know more about that place and get more experience.

2. Take warm Cloths and see the Weather Condition

In the middle of the winter, the temperature gets so low that it gets under 0 degrees. And in places like a frozen lake where the temperature stays very low. So, in that kind of place, you do not want to catch a cold or get frozen! That is why always bring more and more warp clothes and also keep them waterproof. Bring some pairs of thermals too. It will keep you warm from the inside. 

And in those type of places are very changeable weathers. It is normal to have bad weather anytime. So, getting aware of that and keep some information is always better. Because you never want to fall in any bad weather situation. It is risky.

3. Use Fish Finder of Angling

By doing fishing blindly it never gets a better result. That is why we always recommend using a fish finder in every type of fishing. because it increases the rate of catching fish and reduces your effort. you only spend time where the fishes are actually are. There is a special kind of fish finder which is more compact is available at the market too. You can find them from here

They come in a compact size and you can use them anywhere anytime. That is why do not do fishing blindly. Use this kind of technology to catch fish and also have some good quality equipment with you. Actually, for beginner-level of ice fishing, you do not need fancy equipment. The basic equipment will be good enough for the people who have just started fishing. And also, for those people who have never experienced ice fishing, this could be a great experience.

4. Apply one Fishing Method at a Time

Especially for the beginners, it happens often that get confused about which method they should choose before doing fishing. If you just switch one to another constantly you more likely will lose your interest soon, and also the process won’t be fun anymore. That is why we recommend sticking with one method for some time. Then move to the next one slowly. Usually when people cannot catch fish then they try to apple all the methods. And because of the lack of confidence, they cannot succeed. That is why stick to one method.

5. Safety of Catching Fish

We have talked so much about safety before, and actually, this is the most important part of fishing. Fishing on ice is not an easy task that is why you should be prepared for every type of bad situation. That is why always have some company and have the safety gear with you always.

Final Thoughts

So that is all about ice fishing. We have covered all the things you need to know. And we recommend following all these steps to have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. Especially the safety part. And to find any fishing-related products don’t forget to check out from here.

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