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Different Types of Fishing Rods | All the Categories of Rods

The fishing rod is an essential part of fishing. Your enjoyment and techniques if fishing is dependent on the fishing rod. The fishing rod plays a vital role in fishing. Like the other equipment of fishing, a fishing rod is also an important piece of equipment. It is more visible than the other fishing equipment needed for fishing. Today you are going to read our completely different types of fishing rods article.

So choosing a perfect fishing rod is very important. Also matching them with the other equipment of yours is more important. that is why in this article we are about to share all the categories of a fishing rod is available in the market. you should choose according to the different features you need. Many people confuse between the fishing rod and fishing pole. 

We will discuss this too within the article. Also, the fishing rod made of various metals. And also comes during a different price range. So we will share all the necessary steps you should take before purchasing one and the understanding need yours. But before that let’s discuss what’s the difference between fishing rod and pole.

Fishing Rod vs Pole

These two gets differ by the material gets used in them. Also many times they are the same but the names are different depending on the location. If you are using the fishing rod with added equipment then it’s become a fishing rod. On the other hand, the fishing pole is a simpler version of it. the used material is different too. 

Fishing rods made of a material like fiberglass, graphite, boron, or even a combination of all these. And they also are thick within width. But on the opposite hand fishing poles are usually made from natural materials like bamboo. They are thin in width and do not have the option of using other professional fishing equipment. 

Different Types of Fishing Rods

There are different types of fishing rods is available in the market. They are different in materials, features, usability, and performance. That is why it might get confusing some time for understanding what feature offers what, that is why our guide. We will discuss all kind of fishing rod gets used in fishing. What are their specialties and which one you should get?

Bamboo Fishing Rods

A bamboo fishing rod is the classic. Bamboo fishing rods are getting used since the 19th century. By the name you can understand the materials gets used in this kind of rod. Bamboo rods are usually more flexible and have more elasticity. Bamboo rods are very comfortable to use and can take a good amount of weight. For that, it comes with a premium price point too. 

Fiberglass Fishing Rods

These poles are made for the beginner. They have multiple functionalities and also have a good build quality. The material gets used in this is fiberglass. Which is extremely comfortable to use and has more flexibility. You can add various accessories with this pole. And have full enjoyment of fishing. Beginners should have. They can easily use this kind of fishing rods. These fishing rods are very easy and comfortable to use. And they are long-lasting too.

Graphite Fishing Rods

Graphite fishing rods are also known as fiberglass. This is the most usable and expensive piece of the pole. They are always very lightweight and have the most weight capacity in them. It is a relatively new kind of material pole. That is why finding them is also difficult sometimes. They are very flexible and very strong too. They come in very lightweight. So it is the best for the professional-grade user.

Composite Fishing Rods

A composite fishing rod made out of graphite, fiberglass, and other fibers. It makes the rod stronger and has more weight load on it. Because of the build quality, the performance is in between a fiberglass and graphite fishing rod. But the thing is it comes at a better price point than fiberglass. But also it is heavier than the fiberglass rod. Only, for this reason, the composite fishing rod is more convenient sometimes than the graphite rod. It has less flex on it and has more compatibility with this.

Spinning Rod 

Spinning rods are the most used rod in the fishing community. The main reason for the fishing rod is attaching the spinning reel with it. The comes in various sizes, variants, and colors in the market. But they all have that same facility of attaching the spinning reel feature on them. The spinning reel keeps the rod stable while fishing, it is the advantage of the rod.

The rod feels so balanced always and easy to handle. That is why all the beginners prefer this rod. Gripping this rod is very easy. It does not feel flimsy or less gripped. For that part it easier to learn many techniques with this rod. anybody can control the rod with any hand. And also because of the usability of the spinning reel. Overall this rod becomes very helpful. It’s a budget-friendly option too.

Spinning rods are usually made with fiberglass, carbon fiber, even composites sometimes. The rods made out of graphite or fiberglass are more lightweight and have a larger weight capacity. The Spinning reels are not that sensitive but they come with very good build quality. In careful use, they can last years. It makes the consumer decision easier because they don’t have to different types of equipment. They can just pick the same compatible equipment like the spinning rod, reel, and line. And it will be good enough for a beginner to start.

Casting Rod

These rods are very well known for their casting capability. The build quality and the material are also the same as the spinning rod. But learning casting with this rod is the difficult part. It is easy to learn after some practice. It is exactly the opposite of the casting rods. But over time you understand the learning process and get the idea. But overall it is a good rod for casting.

Fly Rod

As the name refers the fly rods are get used to doing fly fishing. Fly fishing is a popular technique that allows anglers to catch more fish in less time and also the technique looks cool too. But to do the fly fishing you obviously need a lightweight rod. And for fly fishing not only the rod also the reel is also very important. But being the rod more flexible in the end is a crucial part of a fly fishing rod. This is the biggest criteria.

Surf Rod

This is rod is mostly similar to the spinning reel. The material and the design aesthetic of this rod are very similar. But the sole difference between them is that the length of them. Usual spinning rods are 3-4 feet long but the surf rods are longer than that. And this feature allows you to combat the surf. It can easily hold those waves and stay strong.

Trolling Rod

These rods made for casting from a moving boat. And this thing this rod do the best. You can easily take this rod to go through the water. That is why the rod has to be strong and especially flexible at the top. So that it can handle more bending and flexing. The main specialty of this rod is flexibility. It can hold heavier fishes in a high wave. And keep the hand side strong and the top side more flexible so that it doesn’t break easily.

Ice Rods

This rod gets used for fishing in the ice. The specialty of this rod is they do not have any casting place and also the size of the rod is small also. Because of the ice fishing capability, the rods mostly made of fiberglass so that it stays strong in the colder places. It has very specific use though. But overall it serves the ice fishing part well.

Rod and Reel Combo

Many ready-made rods come with the reel included. Also the lines too. They are very easy to use and mostly made for beginners. They come as a package and have a decent quality build quality in them. Also, the price of the combo is affordable compared to buying them separately. For this part, many people choose this kind of rods. Also, many casual fishers who don’t want any hassle prefer this kind of rods. 

So there was all about the different types of fishing rods. These are the foremost popular and most used rods. For that now we are about to share some individual features which you should consider before purchasing any of the rods.

Length of Different Types of Fishing Rods

Length is a very important factor in terms of the rods. If the length of the rod isn’t right it can create many problems. Usually, rod length starts from 6 feet and goes around 10-12 feet. But mostly for the beginners we always recommend picking a 6-foot length rod. Because they are really easy to maneuver and easy to use. 

A beginner might fall into a problem because of the length of the rod. For that try to avoid that and those longer rods are made for a different type of fishers. If you into deep-sea fishing or an experienced fish then you might need a long-length fishing rod. But overall an average length of a rod can give you a better idea about the beginner level of fishing.

Also to apply various techniques you might need a different type of length in your rod. Like to do a better casting it is also recommended to use a longer rod. On the other side to catch fish from a kayak it is always recommended to go with a longer rod. That is why the length of a rod can affect your comfort and control a lot.

The Flexibility of Different Types of Fishing Rods

In fishing, rod flexibility is a very important factor. It means how much the rod can bend until it breaks. For that they different levels of power levels. The power levels don’t actually show the power the rods have it actually shows how much the rod can be bent. For that, the level has been categorized into three different levels. Like low, medium & high. 

The high power rods can take the utmost amount of weight without bending or breaking. In heavyweight fishing, the high power rods get used. But most of the rods fall under the medium power rods. Because they have enough amount of elasticity and also hardness. For the most average user, this will not be an issue. And low powered rods get used for some specific purpose like applying any special technique, for example, to fly fishing the rod needs to bend more. That is why a low-powered rod better for this kind of purpose.


By action means that how much the rod is sensitive. To ensure action basically depends on the materials gets used in the rods. It properly depending on the material the rod has got used. The highest sensitive rods can detect a fish anytime on point. On the other side, the lower sensitive rods have heavier materials on them which is why you feel they move less. It usually matters in slow fishing. This is the only indicator for them to have a high action rod. And also the less action the rod has the price of the rod also get less. 

So there was the thing which is important to look after before buying a rod. And to buy a rod for your fishing these are the main factor which you should look after. Also before that, we have mentioned all the categories of the rod that is available in the market now. Any of them will be a good choice if you need it right. The most important point from all of these is understanding your need. Otherwise, you will just lose your money.

Understanding your need means which stage you are in right now? If you are a beginner then you might have different purposes and you might not do any tricks with it. That is why you need simpler and easy to use rods and reels. We always recommend beginners have a spinning rod and reel. They will find combo in the market. And also it will be cheaper compared to if they want to buy them separately. 

And if you are a professional fisher then you know about every detail and have experience about them so you can pick whichever you need. To buy a better fishing rod material is a very big factor. Mostly the material gets used in the rod determines how the rod will be. It will be light or more sensitive etc. The higher quality materials have various capabilities and they also come at a higher price point. 

Final Thoughts

So there was our full guide about different types of fishing rods. If you are about to buy a fishing rod after this article. Then don’t forget to check our best fishing rods review from here. Where we have highlighted every feature of the highest-selling fishing rods. And after reviewing we have provided a full step by step buying guide. We hope that will help you to make a better decision.

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