Different types of fishing reels

Different Types of Fishing Reels | A Full Guide to Best Reels

Having a reel on fishing itself is a big advantage. But having the best reels on your hand might get a bit confusing. There are lots of fishing reels are available in the market. but finding the best one which will suit you the best is the difficult part. Different types of fishing reels get used for different purposes. 

Initially, it might look like buying a reel is easy but after seeing the available option and their functionality. It is very normal to get confused. For that part so that you get a basic understanding of the reels you should use according to your need, we are making this guide. In this article, we will talk about the most common different types of fishing reels that get more uses.

Choosing the reel also depends on the other things on fishing. Like which rod you are using also the lines you are using are very important too. but before purchasing any fishing line you should consider some facts like. What your needs are? What is your budget? How long you’re getting to use it? etc. 

What are Different Types of Fishing Reels?

A fishing reel is a part of essential fishing equipment. It gets attached to the fishing rod and can handle and organize the fishing line. 

There are various types of fishing reels available within the market. Every reel has a different specialty and also has a different capacity for holding the fishing line. Here are a number of well-known sorts of fishing reels available within the market.

Spincast Reel

This is one of the most basic-looking reels available in the market. The history of it is very long, it is one of the oldest reels in the fishing segment. It is very easy to recognize one of them. It comes with a very basic design as well as a very affordable price point. This reel is ideal for beginners. Who is simply starting their fishing learnings?


The reel has a metal nose cone which protects the important part of the reel. There is a couple of buttons available for the toggle and free spool. The design is extremely basic and has the required functionality only. The only advanced feature this reel has is the drag adjustment button. You can adjust the drag it’ll get while pulling the fish out of the water. It might get tight or loose according to your need.

The release button on this is very easy to reach. It is on the fingertip and very easy to access. The screencast reel is very simple to use. All you’ve got to try is press the spool button and take the swing and release it. And once you are able to stop the road just press the button it’ll stop by itself. Simple to use.


The biggest advantage of this reel is three. One is the ease of use and simplicity of the reel. It is very easier to use and also simple to use. It doesn’t have lots of functionality. That is why you do not get confused.

The next best thing is the lines do not get tangled in the reel. One of the very important purposes of having a reel is to manage the lines well. And this reel does it best. The lines never get tangled in this reel. Because of the thing and straight line of the reel helps the lines to keep straight.

And the third best thing about this reel is it is very affordable. You can get a spin-cast reel for about only 20$. Which is the most affordable compared to other reels available in the market. So this makes the reel perfect if you are using for it the first time or you are a beginner. This cheap reel would be a perfect pick for you.


Spin cast reels are very good quality easy to use reel but it has few downsides to it too. the first problem is the closed cast problem. It holds water and after a few some it gets stain which is a bad thing. Also, the buttons on it are not that sturdy. They get ruined after few seasons of use. Also, the range for the lines in this reel is not that impressive too. But overall if you take good care of it and if you are a newbie then this could be a perfect pick for you.

Spinning Reel

This is the most well-known reel out of the fishers. I think this is often the foremost used reel around America. It has various features that make your fish-catching experience much better. It has certain rules to use. And their various techniques to use the reel to do tricks with this reel. These make your life easier and have good durability too.

Features of the Spinning Reel

Compared to screencast design it has a very open design. It has rotatable metal bail which locks the line in your needs. Also, it has a drag adjustment button on the top which is better for adjusting the speed of casting. As we said before this reel is fully packed with features. The main hold stays in the middle spins around that is it gets used under the rod.

During the casting process, the finger directly goes to the cast. And makes easier to round up the other paddle with the other hand. Also, this system uses the full spool. The spin-cast reels use a fixed spool so that they can automatically determine how much the line has gone and how much to get back. The spool of a spinning reel is made out of strong materials. 


A spinning reel is a very good option for catching fish. It has all the capabilities to form your process easier. Pulling and leaving of the line gets very easier for them. The lines don’t get tangled in this reel. And the spinning reel always works great with lightweight lines. Overall a spinning reel can handle a good amount of load with a strong line. They have different capacities so make sure before purchasing any of them.


Everything has some weak sides. So, this is not an exception. This reel has some issues with high weight. A spinning reel will be great for handling fewer weight fishes. But for heavy-weight fishes, it can be a problem. And also, the heavy load can damage the reel for a long time. And people complain that the spinning reels have issues with the heavyweight fishes. 

One of the Baitcasting Reels of Different Types of Fishing Reels

By the name you can understand that the reel only supports in baitcasting rod. This reel is very powerful and sturdily built itself. Most of the time professional fisherman uses this reel. It can take an honest amount of weight and handle many techniques. Baitcasting reels have various functionality compared to spinning reels. That is why it becomes difficult sometimes to learn all of them. But eventually, they help you to learn techniques and apply them easily. 


The reel does not sit under the fishing rod, rather it is on top of the rod and makes the handle easier to hold and operate the reel. it comes with a semi-closed design which is better because it does not hold water inside of it and gets damaged. The special feature of the reel is the spool tension knob with the added braking system. By this, you can control how faster the lines will go from the reel.

The spool tension knob helps you to determine how long you want the line needed and also avoid going fast of the line. Specially baitcasting reels do not have any bail to stop the spool. You have to do it manually to stop the line. You have cast with the fingers and when you need to stop and hold the line just press the lock.


Baitcasting reels are the heaviest and powerful reel in the segment. It has the capability of holding many high weight fishes. All the professional heavyweight fishers use this reel. It has the most practical and useful features in it. So that it gets easier to get bigger fishes. All the functionality of the reel is customizable and you got a sturdy build quality with this. 


The downsides are not that much of an issue for the reel. But it acquires experience to properly operate the reel is pretty difficult. To utilize the full features of the reel takes time. Another thing is the price. As we know the reel should match with the rod and the lines too. For that, it gets expensive the whole set. All the accessories come with the reel together the setup gets pretty expensive. 

Fly Reels 

The name refers to this reel. It is very good for fly fishing. This is the most older fishing line. It has been using since 1800. The functionality of the reel is pretty simple and comes at an affordable price point. It has a faster spool capability. It gets handy when you need to pull the line faster. it makes the fly-fishing process easier and more convenient.

Feature of Fly Reels

There is 3 type of fly reels available. All of them are almost the same without some minor changes. the reel uses fly rods to utilize the crank size of the reel. The reel has various functionalities on it to utilize the fly-fishing concept. In terms of fishing rods, they should use a compatible same material rod with this reel.


Because this has many similarities with the spin-cast reel that is why it is very lightweight and capable to cast in a longer distance. It has a large arbor it helps the line so that it does not get tangled. A larger arbor helps to get the line straight and get the line tangle free always.


It is a bit more expensive compared to spinning reels. And another bad thing about this reel is it’s only specially made for fly fishing. That is why it gets compatibility issues more often. It is not that useful for general fishing purposes. Also, it does not have casting compatibility. It does not help at all in casting.

Trolling Reels

Trolling reel is known for its weight capacity. It can hold heavy weight fishes. This is mainly designed for catching saltwater fishes. It has the almost same capability as baitcasting reels. They share almost similar features in both of them. For that, this reel is useful in boats. 

Specification of Trolling Reels

Because trolling reels have more weight capacity that is why it is bigger too. For that, it has included some more features. And also, the shape of it is a bit rounder. And everything about the reels like the spool, the rod is bigger too. It has a built-in line counter for the line. This means you can attach multiple lines with this reel. 

The overall package of the reel becomes a bit heavy because of the heavier rod and lines. But it becomes an advantage sometimes to catch the heavier fishes like tuna, marlin, sailfish, etc. There are lots of addons available in the market now which increases the capability of the reel. Because it is a professional grade reel that is these addons are perfect for this.

Mostly the reels are made out of aluminum. Which stops it from getting stains. They are very sturdy and long-lasting. The handle and mechanisms are made out of aluminum that is why they are very high quality and strong. Also, that they stay smooths for a longer period. Usually, a trolling reel has a life span of 2-3 years in constant use. Which is impressive.


The reel falls in the professional category that is why it has many pros like the load capacity. This is made for catching the highest weight fishes from the salt deep water. Keeping the extreme use in the head they have made the reel more reliable and smoother. And also doing casting in the deep sea is not an issue with this reel.


The biggest con of the reel is its price. It comes with a very heavy price tag like its quality. Quality-wise the price is justified sometimes. But to get the best deal don’t forget to check our buying section to get the best deal right now!

The second con of the reel is the weight. Though it is made of aluminum then again, the overall package gets very heavy sometimes.

Final Thoughts

So that was all about different types of fishing reels. We have talked about the most used reels right now. There are lots of other reels available in the market but we think any of them will be perfect for you depending on your level. If you are a beginner, we will always recommend you go with the spinning reel. The price of it is not that higher and also it allows you to learn more techniques also makes your job easier.

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