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Top 11 Best Kayak Fish Finder 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Fishing is a very fun sport and hobby. But doing it on a kayak with the whole gang can turn catching fish an even better experience. However, without the right gears, you might face a hard time spotting the fish under murky water. But what can you possibly do about it? Today you are going to read our complete best kayak fish finder reviews.

Well, there are actually many ways to come to a conclusion here. However, the easiest method is to simply invest in a high quality fish finder for your water-adventures.

The kayak fish finder is just as important as investing in the right fishing rod for your sessions down the stream. Without a good fish finder, you can risk losing your best catch within a split second.

You’ll now see many fishermen opting for a fish finder instead of manually guessing where their potential catch might be.

Why Invest in a Fish Finder?

The reason why the kayak fish finder is so effective is that they’re accurate almost 90% of the time. This makes a fish finder ergonomic and worth the splurge as well.

Eventually, you’ll be earning back the investment put in for a fish finder. The long-term success during your fishing trips will be totally worth the investment.

However, simply just purchasing any kind of fish finder will not do you any good. You need to take the brand, model, and price into consideration before placing your final order for the product.

This is why you always need to do thorough research before you order items such as fishing rods and fish-finders.

But lucky for you, today we are going to be compiling a list of the kayak fish finders. We’ll make sure to cover the pros and cons of each product, so read till the end to learn more!

The Kayak Fish Finders

We don’t want our readers to not get confused regarding the best kayak fish finders in the first place. So, we also included an informative and educational buying guide in the section below. Do make sure to stick around for that, especially if you are a beginner in the world of kayak fishing.

Anyway, without further ado, let us get right into the reviews!

Top 11 Best Kayak Fish Finder Reviews

1. Garmin Striker 4 -Best fish finder for small boat

Garmin Striker 4

The first product that we have on this list is this amazing Garmin striker 4 plus with the transducer. This high quality fish finder sports a compact size and comes in a matte black shade.


If you want something strong and innovative, you should definitely put your faith on this little black fish finder. The product comes with the traditional CHIRP transducer attached, which makes detecting and locating fish under water super convenient.

Sonar Sensor

This best budget fish finder comes with the Clear Vu sonar setting. This feature allows you to check for potential catches right under your boat, providing you more area coverage in general.

Having a good sonar sensor can be very useful in a kayak fish finder, as it will decrease almost half of your work.


You will love the 3.5 inches LCD display of this Garmin fish finder for kayak, however, you should also note that this amazing product is available with display sizes of 5 and 7 inches in total as well.

Also, the high frequency range of this bad boy can easily provide crystal clear images within a few seconds.


You will see that the keypad of this kayak fish finder is really simple and easy to understand. This is why newbies and professionals alike can make use of the fish finder from the get-go.

Convenience of Use

On top of that, the device is also super easy and simple to install and allows you to keep track of the fish finder in real time as well, thanks to the in-built waypoint map that comes equipped in this baby.

Depth Range

When it comes to the depth reach of this product, you can expect to be impressed. This kayak fish finder can reach up to 1,600ft in fresh water, and 750ft in concentrated saltwater. The fish finder works at a current draw of 12 voltage, which equals approximately 0.23 ampere.


This fish finder is ideal for kayak fishing, ice fishing and even saltwater fishing. It is versatile, convenient and very lightweight to carry wherever you go. So we recommend going for this amazing product!

  • Strong and durable built
  • The product has a good depth reach
  • Amazing sonar tech
  • This best fish finder is lightweight and travel friendly.
  • The fish finder is not too budget friendly.

2. LUCKY Fish Finder- Lucky Portable fish finder

LUCKY Handheld

Up next, we have this LUCKY handheld fish finder in the color bright yellow. This amazing product is super lightweight and comes with a small LCD screen measuring up to 2 inches in total.


Equipped with an LED backlight, this fish finder can work best even during the dead of the night. The backlight is really bright and can help you easily locate fish under murky waters.


On top of that, the LCD display of this amazing product comes with UV-glare resistant. This allows you to easily read the information showing up on the screen, even under direct sunlight.


This kayak fish finder is unfortunately not a wireless one, so there is a cable equipped with the product. But on the bright side, the cable is approximately 25 feet in length, which gives users enough mobility and flexibility.

Sensitivity Settings

The best feature of this fish finder is the 5 different sensitivity settings that the product comes equipped with. The sensitivity modes on this fish-finder are very effective in detecting and locating even small fish under murky, and dark water.

Depth Range

You can reach different depths with this product, ranging from 3ft up to 328ft at most! The fish finder can go deep and into very tricky cracks and crevices without any issues.

Temperature Sensor

This best fish finder for kayak comes with a sensor operating temp ranging from 14o Fahrenheit to 122o Fahrenheit. Alongside kayak fishing, this fish finder can also be used for ice fishing as well as saltwater fishing.


With this fish finder, you can easily spot the contour of the seabed, alongside the rocks and sands present. The debris under the water will also be very apparent on the screen, allowing you to catch only the fish.

The 1.8-inch transducer is also very effective in locating and sending back sonar frequencies to the device. The sonar frequency is accurate and precise almost 90 percent of the time during usage.

  • Amazing sonar frequency is high quality
  • The depth range is very high
  • An incredible backlight is very bright
  • Budget friendly product
  • This fish finder comes with a long cable as well.
  • The screen of the fish finder is really small in size.

3. Venterior Portable Fish Finder

Venterior Portable

Our next product is this portable fish finder called Venterior. This handheld device is compact in size and built, therefore feeling really lightweight as well. It also comes with an SDHC memory card slot for further user convenience, which makes it stand out.

Sensitivity Settings

Alongside being very budget-friendly, this high quality product offers a variety of useful features that make it so desirable. This fish finder is packed with about 5 different sensitivity settings, which are very easy to use.


The display of this fish finder is a small 2 inch one, which is basically the only downside to it. However, the rest of the amazing features of this bad boy make it worth the splurge.

Battery and Power

For charging, all you need is to purchase about 4 AAA batteries to juice this baby up. Although slightly on the pricier end of the spectrum, this fish finder is definitely worth the money.

Frequency and Depth Range

This fish-finder can work with a total frequency of 200kHz, and reach a depth of 100m without lagging or blurring. On top of that, the fish finder emits a beam angle that covers almost 45o worth of area at once. So you can even use the product when on your boat.


The best thing about this product is that it’s backed up with a 2-year warranty period that covers nearly everything. The transducer of the fish-finder features a backlight-mode as well, which allows easy detection at night.

  • High quality and very bright backlight mode is equipped
  • You can charge the device with only 4 AAA batteries
  • The sonar beam angle covers a wide area at once
  • Convenient and compact in size and built
  • The product is very budget friendly.


  • The screen of this fish finder is not too large.

4. HawkEye Fishtrax IC – Best Portable Fish Finder

HawkEye Fishtrax

Wondering what to get your loved one with Christmas around the bend? Why not invest in this fancy looking fish finder and surprise them for their upcoming fishing trip down the river?

Design and Look

This fish finder called HawkEye comes in a bright red and matte black color scheme. The gradient look of the fish finder makes this bad boy very chic and innovative to own in the inventory.


Complete with a durable and effective LCD color display, this amazing fish finder can easily depict crystal clear images of the fish and vegetation under water in high definition.

At the same time, the color of the LCD screen is very crisp and sharp, therefore allowing you to spot your catch easily among the many other stuff lurking below the murky water.

Sonar Sensor

On the other hand, we have the amazing sonar sensor feature of this fish finder. The sonar sensor is completely mountable and can also be attached to boats. Another advantage is that it’s lightweight and will float without ever sinking to the bottom.

Special Features

You’ll love the FishArc and FishID features of this device, as this help indicate and identify the sea life below. The high definition of the screen easily distinguishes between vegetation, debris and fish, which provides a clear underwater view.


You can depend on this fish finder’s state-of-the-art landscape imaging for alerting users regarding the school of fish found below.

The imaging software of this fish finder helps to identify false indicators and readings. This is a great way to differentiate between fake sounds and actual fish sonar readings.

Note that this fish finder works best at a depth of only 240 feet in fresh water. So try not to use this amazing product in any other water type to protect and increase the longevity of the product.

  • This fish finder is very lightweight
  • The bold and bright colored body looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Innovative landscape imaging feature
  • The fish finder comes with a crisp and clear colored LCD display.
  • This fish finder is not too budget friendly.

5. Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 Fish Finder

Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 fish finder

Up next, we have this Humminbird fish finder in matte black shade. This is one of the best kayak fish finder. It stands out due to its crystal clear TFT display including a bunch of other incredible features!


Right from the get-go, we can see that this fish finder comes with a wide and large TFT display of 4.3 inches at most. The display, being very solid and clear, shows accurate depictions of what exactly is going on underwater at all times.

The diagonal display of this bad boy makes the device very easy to read and understand. Hence it is ideal for beginner fishermen as well as experienced ones.

Sonar Sensors

The best thing about this product is its wide dual-beam sonar sensor which easily covers a lot of areas at once. This is particularly helpful to beginners, as they might have a hard time locating small fish under murky waters manually.


At the same time, the product runs at a total power of 2400W PTP, which equals about 300W RMS. This high power is effective in allowing the product to work at a stretch for a long period of time.

Depth Range

You will really admire the intense depth reach of this device, which sums up to a whopping 600ft in total! The depth reach is mostly ideal for freshwater kayak fishing.

However, you can still expect equally amazing results from this fish finder during ice fishing or simply saltwater fishing trips. The dual-beam sonar sensor offers a wide area coverage of 28 degrees and 16 degrees respectively.

Other Models

Also, this product is available in two other models as well- the PIRANHAMAX 4 DI and PIRANHAMAX 4 PT models. However, the price will not remain static and will increase or decrease according to the model that you go for.

  • The product is very lightweight
  • You can easily mount this fish finder on any boat, thanks to the quick turn and swivel feature
  • The PIRANHAMAX 4 comes with dual sonar beam sensors for better area coverage
  • Moderate depth reach
  • Budget friendly.
  • The customer service of the manufacturer is apparently not worth making the call at all!

6. Garmin Striker Plus 5cv Fish Finder

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv depth finder

Further down the list, we have the Garmin Striker 5cv, which is definitely one of the best kayak fish finders. This high quality product sports a dark grey color for the body and comes with a convenient mount as well.


Right off the bat, this baby comes with a very heavy-duty transducer that has the traditional CHIRP feature built-in. The CHIRP feature might be traditional, but it can easily keep up with the newer and fancier competitor products on the mar.


On the other hand, this best fish finder for kayak features the Clear Vu scanning feature. This allows the sonar to work perfectly well and clearly under murky and dark water with lots of debris.

The Quickdraw Feature

You will definitely love the idea of the Garmin Quickdraw feature that this amazing fish finder comes equipped with. This feature helps the product to easily note down and analyze the contour of the ground below the water.

Everything under the sea bed will be captured and analyzed by this amazing Garmin fish finder for kayak fishing. The best part is, it can easily create and store maps within the device for up to 2 million acres!

Clear Detection

You trust in the waypoint map of this product and allow it to guide you through the waterbed with ease. You can expect zero lagging and blurring out when working with such an incredible fish finder manufactured by Garmin.


When working under harsh sunlight, this fish finder can create a completely readable and easy-to-understand display. This is thanks to the ultra violet ray resistance combined with the large 5-inch display of the product itself. The total display resolution sums up to 800 x 480 pixels.

  • A durable and strong display
  • The product is very effective in detecting sea-life under the murky water
  • This high quality fish finder comes with patented Clear Vu scanning
  • Amazing transducer allows for built-in GPS to work in real-time.
  • This fish finder is not budget friendly at all.

7. RICANK Portable Fish Finder

RICANK Portable fish finder

Up next, the best kayak fish finder we have is this incredible RICANK fish finder in a yellow shade. The product is a very portable one. This handheld fish finder and can easily become your next travel partner for your upcoming fishing trips down the river.

Transducer and Depth Range

This fish finder comes with a sonar transducer that can reach depths of around 100m at most. The minimum depth reach of this fish finder is only 1m, which is quite a moderate reach for shallow waters.

Sonar Sensor

On the other hand, this best fish finder can emit a sonar sensor of 45o, thanks to its cone angle. The sonar sensor covers a large area at once, which allows easy detection of schools of fish and vegetation underwater.

Long Cable

This fish finder can reach impressive depths due to the amazingly long cable that the product comes with. While wireless models are nice, we can’t say the 25 feet long cable is a downside to the product either.

Such a long cable can easily allow you all the mobility and flexibility that you need on land.

Sensitivity Modes

This fish finder is ideal for a range of different fishing types, including ice and saltwater fishing. It comes with 5 different sensitivity modes that will alert you whenever coming in contact with any kind of sea life.

You can expect this fish finder to also alert you when coming in contact with debris or simply just vegetation. This will help you distinguish between what you actually need to capture and what you should simply avoid.

Battery and Power

You can easily juice this amazing fish finder with the help of 4 AAA batteries. It features a 4-hour battery life, allowing you to keep fishing for as long as you want without any worries.

Note that the transducer attached to this bad boy is completely removable. So you can also purchase replacements if you ever need one, without having to get a whole new product instead.

  • This fish finder is compact and lightweight in size
  • High quality display is UV resistant
  • The product comes with 5 different sensitivity modes
  • Ideal for different fishing types
  • The product is quite budget friendly.
  • This fish finder has a really small display of about 2 inches only.

8. Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder

Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2

Up next, you can get your hands on this amazing Humminbird helix 5 GPS fish finder, however, do make sure that your budget is flexible enough to afford this costly baby!

The Humminbird Helix 5 GPS G2 fish finder comes with a color TFT display of 5 inches in total, which is wide enough to suit everyone’s needs. The WVGA coloring is bright and looks evenly toned out, even under harsh sun settings.

You will definitely like how the product comes with a built-in GPS tracker as well which works super smoothly in real-time. On top of that, the cartography is animate enough to show you exactly where the casting has been done.

Alongside that, you can easily equip this amazing fish finder with an SD card in order to save up on the recordings and waypoints of the fish finder after every use. Although not available in this model that we are reviewing right now, but you can find other model variations of the same product which come with either a protective casing or a radio-equipped at the same time.

The keypad of this bad boy is very simple and easy to work with, so you do not have to worry too much about confusion, especially if you are a newbie fisherman or an elderly one.

When it comes to coverage, trust this HELIX 5 GPS fish finder to cover (pun intended) all your fishing needs! Whether you are fishing inshore or in rough waters, this baby can cover a wide area, thanks to its CHIRP dual beam sonar feature.

This Humminbird helix 5 sonar GPS is compact and lightweight in size and built as well, therefore being the perfect travel buddy for all your fishing trips.

  • The product is super lightweight, weighing around 2.5 pounds only
  • High quality frequency
  • The cartography is accurate and to the point
  • In-built GPS plotter works in real time
  • The fish finder can reach amazing depths at once.


  • This best fish finder is not that budget friendly at all.

9. Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder G2

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI

Up next the product that we have on this list is yet another incredible fish finder by Humminbird, but this one is the DI GPS G2 model one.

Sporting a simple, matte black color for the body, this bad boy comes with a widescreen display size of 5 inches in total. Similar to the previous Humminbird model that we reviewed in this article, this model also comes with a color WVGA display which is crisp and bright enough to show HD images under harsh sunlight and even at night.

This Humminbird helix 5 chirp di GPS g2 also comes with a CHIRP imaging filter which effectively cuts down on excessive noise and clutter from the screen. This ensures that users receive crystal clear and high-definition images at all times.

Alongside that, the product also comes with a digital CHIRP sonar feature which is responsible for selecting and showing fishermen each, individual fish one at a time. This is a very impressive feature for a fish finder to have, as it reduces the chances of clutter from taking place while allowing the fishermen to effectively look for what they really want to catch.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a GPS plotter already built into the product, so there is no need for you to always keep track of where the equipment is going under murky water.

You will see that this Humminbird helix 5 chirp GPS g2 comes with the patented dual beam PLUS feature as well, which allows better precision and accuracy under the water. The dual-beam PLUS works at a total power of 4000 wattages at once. On top of that, the SwitchFire tech of the sonar makes use of two individual displays to cover more grounds at once.

Note that this amazing product can be used by all kinds of fishermen, however, the product is especially ideal for kayaking and those into kayak fishing as well. You will find this entire product to weigh around 3.84 pounds in total.


  • Lightweight and compact in size and built
  • High quality frequency
  • The product is very versatile, due to its many features
  • The display comes with a built-in backlight as well
  • GPS plotter is accurate and precise.


  • The product is not too budget friendly at all.

10. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Fish Finder

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

You have gotta take a look at this bad boy if you want to invest in something super modern and innovative for a change before your next fishing trip with friends and loved ones.

This amazing and high quality deeper sonar fish finder by the Deeper Store is incredibly compact in size and built, especially due to its unique spherical shape which gives the product its optimal buoyance as well.

The product comes with an in-built GPS tracker as well. The tracker works in real-time, so you will be able to always follow which direction the fish finder leads to and where it will be going next.

At the same time, the unique and patented Bathymetric feature of the fish finder helps you analyze and re-watch the recordings afterward as well, so you can always go back where you left off and start from scratch again.

The best thing about this deeper fish finder is that it is also really easy to connect to any iOS or Android mobile device, therefore allowing everyone to enjoy the amazing performance of this bad boy. Internet connection is not required either, as this fish finder works incredibly well with only the help of a wireless WiFi connection. For best results, the manufacturer advises turning off cellular internet data as well in order to let wireless WiFi connection work best.

This amazing product also notes down the temperature and condition of the water for future fishing purposes, therefore making each and every of your fishing trips only beneficial and successful.

Furthermore, you can also save the data found and received on any Cloud based app, therefore allowing you perfect and accurate future mapping for upcoming trips down the shore.

The Deeper PRO plus comes with a maximum cast range of about 330 feet, which is actually quite a lot of area covered at once. The scanning range is about 260 feet as well.


  • Unique, spherical shape of the fish finder floats well
  • Conveniently sized product is travel-friendly and lightweight
  • The depth reach is amazing
  • The product works well with wireless WiFi connectivity.


  • Not too budget friendly at all.

11. Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 DI

Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 DI Fish Finder

The last product that we have in this article is yet another amazing Humminbird PIRANHAMAX 4 DI fishfinder. This is the second model by this brand on this list that you can find from this budget-friendly line.

Sonar Sensor

This amazing product comes with a dual beam sonar sensor. This feature can easily work through the slimmest cracks and crevices and find out what is lurking beneath. The dual beam sonar is effective and strong in what it does.

On the other hand, the down-imaging feature of this bad boy provides users with a crystal clear HD underwater view.

Tilt and Swivel Mount

You’ll also see that this fish-finder features a rather easy to move tilt and swivel mount for moving it around. The mount is not too stiff, so you can simply remove and replace it whenever you find the need to.


This kayak fish finder comes with a rather large 4.6 inches LCD display that provides HD and crisp images. The LCD display is bright and allows users to view the information without facing any glares/flashes even under harsh sunlight.

Fish Alarm

The product comes with a fish alarm that helps in knowing when there’s a catch lurking around under murky water. The depth alarm is loud to notify you whenever the sonar beam detects a fish or school of fish below.

  • The product is very lightweight in built
  • High quality dual sonar beam
  • Display size of the fish finder is large
  • Amazing UV resistant screen
  • The depth reach is amazing as well.
  • The product is not budget friendly.

Top 11 Best Kayak Fish Finder Buying Guide

It is important to always do thorough research regarding whatever you will be investing in beforehand. Understanding what features to look out for in a product allows you to steer clear of the wrong stuff.

To help you out, we decided to sum up this article with an informative buying guide. Below are some common and basic features that all high quality kayak fish finders come equipped with.


Without a good enough display, a fish finder is basically useless. While a sonar sensor is important having a fish finder without a display would be pretty pointless.

In this case, a high quality fish finder will come with a large display and sharp colors. Note that every single model does not come with the same display size. However, an average size would be around 4 to 5 inches.

The display should also be resistant to ultra violet rays of the sun, therefore reducing glares and flashes to a bare minimum. You should also check if the display is WVGA or LCD.

You will also want to invest in a kayak fish finder that comes with a colored display instead of the cheap black and white ones.

Although a black-and-white display fish finder is cheaper, a colored display will allow you to better distinguish between the different things underwater.

Extra Features

We bet that you will not be able to find even a single person out there who does not like the idea of free goodies with products. Similarly, you can get extra stuff, or more like “features” with the kayak fish finders as well.

For example, some high quality kayak fish finders will allow you to enjoy features such as an in-built GPS tracker or Bluetooth connectivity. The former feature is a really important and effective one, as it lets you keep track of the fish finder in real-time.

On top of that, the Bluetooth connectivity or wireless Wi-Fi connection allows you to use the device right from the comfort of your own phone.

Personal Budget

Another important factor that determines your capability to invest in a quality fish finder is your own budget. However, fish finders are available in different price ranges, so you’ve got to be quite flexible with your shopping as well.

For example, while some high quality fish finders cost over $1000, you can find others costing you less than $100! So you can see how much of a variation there is in the price for the kayak fish finder in the market.

In this case, the features of each fish-finder will also vary greatly with the price. If you want our opinion, we’d suggest you not invest in any fish finder that’s over the $300 budget.

Fish finders within the $100 and $300 price range. These usually have all the features you’d need for your fishing adventures.

Water Resistance

If you want the kayak fish finder that will last you for years, make sure it is water-resistant. For obvious reasons, your fish finder will have to dive through different types of water, including murky lakes and saltwater.

To tackle all that gunk and high levels of sodium, you’d want your fish finder to be water-resistant. This will ensure zero premature rusting and corroding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any fish finder in saltwater?

No, you cannot use any fish finder in saltwater kayak fishing, unless it is made for such purposes. Make sure to first check the instructions of the device and use them accordingly.

How long does a kayak fish finder last for?

With proper maintenance and care, a kayak fish finder can last for anywhere between 2 years to 5 years straight.


So there you have it! This concludes our article regarding the best kayak fish finder reviews and buying guide. We hope you found our chosen products to be worth the splurge. Thank you for sticking around for so long! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to we earn from qualifying purchases, no additional cost to you. Learn more.